Know the Blogger

My name is *CENSORED*. I am 23 years old.
I am a writer, simply put. If I could accomplish one thing as an author (apart from publishing a book *__*;), it would be to change the way someone views the world.

I am a fiction writer, and I love the subtle (or not so subtle) use of satire and comedy within works. I also love speculative fiction.

I intend to write about my characters, my thoughts on writing, book reviews, and excerpts from my unpublished book in progress. I will be writing about other stuff as it arises, I expect. I’ll try my best to keep it fun and entertaining.

I encourage everyone who looks at my blog to give their opinion. I appreciate constructive criticism, and am not easily offended.

If you want to contact me, feel free to ask for my MSN. I also have profiles on various social networks.

Deviantart: anotheralternative
Fictionpress: autofail
VF: autofail
Twitter (SHAMEEE): TheCyb3rNetwork

Some of my favourite books/reading things:

The Book of Salt
The Solitude of Prime Numbers
The LOTR trilogy
Waiting for Godot
National Geographics
The Loveless series (guilty pleasure)
Elfen Lied

Books I am reading / waiting to Read:

The Divinity Gene by Michael Trafford (unpublished)
Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris
Zombies Vs. Unicorns

Books I am currently writing / thinking / working on:

.Cybertrash. - destined to be a graphic novel. About a young man named Arden who is a total ass and has a useless robotic arm. After a failed suicide attempt by erotic asphyxiation, he decides to travel his deteriorating world to try to find a meaning to existence, and utterly fails. Nihilistic perspective. Satire. Anti-hero. Status: Plot in works, unwritten as of yet.