Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sadness, Despair

I bought the Divinity Gene :D. Also, a graphic novel because I like the person's drawing style. I NEED TO STUDY THESE THINGS <.<.

I left David Sedaris at work T_T me talk pretty one day. Sadness. So i am currently reading zombies vs. unicorns now. It's sad how I now have about 30 books that I haven't been able to read fast enough. Just waiting for me. But there are too many other things to do. For instance, sister's birthday present (she begged me for one of my stained angel/demons - see my website). Also, class. Also, full time job. Also, writing. GRARGH. Too much.

It's frustrating trying to develop CyberTrash right now because my laptop is a piece of crap, and I am currently saving up for a nice, big-screen Mac with the full Adobe suite and an expensive drawing tablet. I am so sick of waiting. For the moment, I have about three sketchbooks for writing/developing characters, but I ultimately want to create via computer. Waiting kills my soul. x__x.

In the meantime, check out my glitter hand! Looks like warts.