Monday, January 24, 2011

Been a While

Hoo hah.

I need to actually write on here. And I need to actually interact with the Blogspot Community. Argh. Effort. x_x.

So I can't wait for the Divinity Gene to come out on February 1st. Looking to snatch that thing up.

I keep buying books and can't keep up with reading them on top of full-time job. I recently bought four of David Sedaris' books. I LOVE HIM. Watch his delivery on Youtube on Letterman. Genius. I've read When You Are Engulfed in Flames and Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim. Planning on getting around to Naked and Me Talk Pretty One Day.

The Solitude of Prime Numbers is still my #1 book for 2010.  Would recommend it to anyone. Lovelove.

Got into Elfen Lied, read the manga, watched the show, loved the morbidness and brilliance. The books have a better, more completed ending, but the TV show definitely stands on its own as well.

Started doing my publishing certificate two weeks ago as an attempt to make myself good enough to be worthy of publishing. Cause self-publishing doesn't cut it for me these days. Anyone can self-publish. No offense. I heard Random House has an excellent graphic novel department, considering for Canada.

Not really working on Jay/Zack story at the moment, more into .CyberTrash. Character design and development, plot design and development. Problem is I don't want a plot. How to get around this has yet to be determined. Working on it.

Here's some little bits of shit I've been working on! TERRIBLENESS.
I can't remember if I've talked about .CyberTrash. yet. Basically a homage/making light fun of cyberpunk novels. It's a graphic novel!

The Characters (Main):

- Arden (Main): An asshole with a robot arm that hinders more than helps. Uses it primarily as a camera stand for his job as cameraman for the newest, hottest reality TV show "Who Wants to be a Pathologist."
- Zack (to be renamed): Arden's good friend (because who has besties? Lame.). Techie type with a nerd flair that makes him and Arden get along well. Spent excessive amounts of time doing stupid shit together.
- Arden's Boss (to be named): Typical businesswoman - uptight and strongly dislikes Arden.
- Karrie: Arden's love interest. He knows her through work. She despises Arden, primarily because he is a massive dick to her.
- Fi: Arden's acquaintance, and later, friend. Sarcastic deadpanning bartender with a flair for pointing out what others can't see or refuse to see.

Bits of Awkward Terribleness Written on the Train:

Arden's favourite interview question: "How does it feel to live in a world where natural selection no longer exists?"

Pippa (Reality TV show Cast member): “And then I was like, omg! I mean like, I always knew that the human body was gross but I never expected it to be so squishy!”

Arden: “This show has more bleeps than dialogue.”
Writer: “That’s what makes it edgy!”

Zack: You know, some day, we should probably grow up.
Arden: *shoots with his finger* ...bang.

Arden: *Camera zooms in on baby* So what does life mean to you? What great mysteries of the universe are you pondering? What that bad smell and wet feeling between your legs is? That you, you smelly fucker. *Baby loses pacifier, drools* ... You're fucking gross. But people love the shit out of you anyways.

Arden: We should date.
Fi: Why?
Arden: Because we can stand each other's presennce, somewhat.
Fi: No. You'd make a terrible boyfriend.
Arden: -_- Why?
Fi: Cause you're a stubborn dick. And relationships are too much work.
Arden: Can you reverse that order?

Fi: What? Why do you even like her.
Arden: I don't know. The challenge? Masochism?
Fi: You're weird. She's not even very pretty.
Arden: Yeah well, you're not really very pretty.
Fi: Oh snap. Lick my ass.
Arden: I love you.
Fi: Love you too.
Zack: o_o Healthy.

Arden's Boss: So you're making fun of the cast again.
Arden: They make fun of themselves. I just help them see it.

Zack: Hey m- WHAT THE FCKKK? Aah what are you doing?
Arden: Killing myself, what's it look like?
Zack: o__o ..What?
Arden: I've had enough of this world. Let me finish myself off in peace.
Zack: You're definitely finishing something off. *chucks a pillow at Arden* When you're done, I got food.

Arden: Why do you even like me.
Fi: You provide me with some meager form of entertainment.

*Arden's Daydream*
Arden: (dramatically) Why don't you love me?
Karrie: Cause you're a total - *Arden changes her words* Petri dish of liquid sex!
Arden: *thoughtful* That's why!